Profile: transcript

Profile Schema

The transcript profile describes a document that contains the transcript of audio in textual form.

The transcript profile is intended to be used as a “type” profile.


transcript defines one required attribute: text. The text attribute should contain the entirety of the transcript’s content, including line breaks.

Special note: This data is meant to be used in combination with the transcriptLink field inside the audio profile. For more on transcripts and how to publish and link them, see this guide

Example transcript document

  "id": "12345",
  "profiles": [
      "href": "/v1/profiles/transcript",
      "rels": [
      "href": "/v1/profiles/document"

  "text": "JAMESON: Where were you? Photographing squirrels? You're fired.\nBRANT: Chief, the planetarium party.\nJAMESON: Oh, right. You're unfired, I need you, come here."

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