Profile: external-link

Profile Schema

An external-link document contains a link to an external document.


The external-link profile specifies a required attribute externalLink; this will be a link object linking to an external page. This link must use the http:// or https:// scheme and should have no rels values.

It also specifies two optional attributes:

  • linkText - Text that should be used to display this link
  • linkLabel - DEPRECATED - Text that should be displayed contextually, in addition to the link itself
  "id": "12345",
  "profiles": [
      "href": "/v1/profiles/external-link"
      "href": "/v1/profiles/document"

  "externalLink": {
    "href": ""
  "linkText": "The Man of Steel's backstory; who he is and how he came to Earth",
  "linkLabel": "Who is Superman? What was life like before him? And what will life be like after he is gone?"

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