Profile: html-card

Profile Schema

An html-card document is a derivative of the card profile. It specifies a free-form callout content item intended to contain HTML.

The html-card profile is intended to be used as a “type” profile.


The html-card profile specifies the following attributes:

Name Type Required? Explanation
emphasisLevel string Yes low, medium, or high
title string No The title to display when rendering this card
attentionLabel string No An extra label displayed alongside the card; common values are BREAKING or EXCLUSIVE
teaser string No A short description of the content represented by the card
isHighPriority boolean No Flag representing whether the card should be visually highlighted for priority
eyebrowText string No String representing a text eyebrow line for a card
eyebrowLink object No Link object representing an external linking eyebrow line for a card. MUST have an href attribute that starts with http or https, and MUST NOT have rels
brandings Link[] No A set of links to organization(s) that should be used to brand this content; see “Brandings” below


Similar to the brandings array defined by the publishable profile, the html-card profile allows its content to be branded using a set of organization links. The brandings array is subject to the following constraints:

  • If present, brandings must contain one or more links
  • Links in brandings must start with http or https
  • Links in brandings cannot have rels

Example html-card document

  "id": "12345",
  "profiles": [
      "href": "/v1/profiles/html-card",
      "rels": [

  "title": "Godzilla has arisen from the North Pacific Ocean",
  "emphasisLevel": "high",
  "attentionLabel": "THIS JUST IN",
  "teaser": "What does the monster of nightmares want? What are his opinions on the gridlock in Washington? NPR finds out.",
  "eyebrowText": "News",
  "brandings": [
      "href": ""

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