Profile: pull-quote

Profile Schema

The pull-quote profile specifies a text block call-out which contains a short excerpt from the document’s body text. Pull quotes are added to stories and other content for emphasis.

The pull-quote profile is intended to be used as a type profile.


The pull-quote profile specifies a required attribute quote. This is the text to be displayed in the quote. It is treated as plain text.

The pull-quote profile specifies a number of attributes:

  • attributionParty - Who said or wrote the quote. Could be Luke Skywalker or Jabba, Kingpin of Tatooine
  • attributionContext - Only present when attributionParty is also present. This contains where or when a quote was given. Hoth, 1 ABY or A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Example pull-quote document

  "id": "7713",
  "profiles": [
      "href": "/v1/profiles/pull-quote",
      "rels": [
      "href": "/v1/profiles/document"

  "quote": "No... I am your father",
  "attributionParty": "Darth Vader, aka Anakin Skywalker",
  "attributionContext": "Cloud City of Bespin",

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