HTTP Endpoints

Below are the currently active CDS HTTP endpoint paths, followed by details on their usage.

NOTE: CDS endpoints require authorization; see the Getting Started page for more information.

“Service Unavailable” Errors

When do these occur?

In the course of normal usage, a client may receive a 503 Service Unavailable response from CDS, from any of the below listed HTTP endpoints.

This just means that the CDS is temporarily unable to respond to a request – say because of high traffic volume, or because it is down for maintenance. (More info on 503 responses can be found here.)

What should a client do?

In these instances, clients should retry their request at a later time.

Sample Response

    "error": {
        "message": "The Content Distribution Service (CDS) is temporarily unavailable. Please wait a moment, and retry your request.",

Document Endpoints

Profile/Schema Endpoints

Notification Endpoints

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